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I united Herbert Addo and his children – Widow

Mrs Gloria Addo, the woman at the center of accusations from the family of late coach Herbert Addo’s family for being a destructive element in the element has revealed how tirelessly she worked to unite the late coach with his five daughters.

Mrs. Addo has been criticized severely by family of the Herbert Addo for breeding disunity and animosity in the family but according to her those allegations are blatantly false and that she was the one who invested a lot of energy into restoring the broken relationship that existed between Herbert Addo and his children.

Mrs. Addo recounted in an interview with Atinka TV the number of times she organized meetings between the two parties in a bid to establish unity and peaceful coexistence between the father and his daughters.

Mrs. Addo expressed that she sometimes went against the wishes of her late husband just to ensure that peace and unity reign in the family.

“They accused me of bringing disunity between them and their father but that is not true. When I came into Herbert Addo’s life, I realized that the relationship between him and his children was very sour so I made conscious effort to introduce unity into the family. The children had issues with their dad and vice versa so both parties did not meet eye to eye and I did my best to unite them”, Mrs. Addo said.

Touching on the chaos that characterized her late husband’s burial, Gloria Addo exclaimed that she was astonished by what happened and described it as strange.

She remarked that the children acted the way they did because of the hatred towards their dad.

She is of the opinion that the children and their uncles staged the disturbances to make known the poor relationship that existed between them and their fallen relative.

“I was amazed by what happened on Saturday. Never have I seen something like that. What happened was borne out of sheer hatred for their father and I find it amazing it that the children could go that far to disgrace their father”, Mrs Addo tearfully remarked.



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